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FALL in Love with Luster's Dorm and Bedroom Decor!

FALL in Love with Luster's Dorm and Bedroom Decor!

Trade in your swim gear for school supplies - it's officially Back-to-School Season! 

For some people, back-to-school means getting youngsters geared-up, and for others, it's a fresh start and a new season. Whether your dorm or your bedroom needs a mix-up, we have everything you need to FALL totally in love with a fresh and fun interior space. 


Whether you are into catchy phrases or pretty colors, we’ve got you covered.


Pink Lemonade Blankets!

These gorgeous blankets offer luxe comfort, in super cool colors. 

Out with the old, in with the ART. 

These days, dorm rooms are adorned with bright and colorful wall art. Find some of our faves from 4artworks below! 

Swig Keeps your Drinks Cool.

Keep your favorite at your desired temperature from now until homecoming - seriously! 

SHOP in store or online for all things back-to-school! 


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